Biron Garrett was born in a small town in Texas. He graduated with honors from College with Dual Pre-Med major in Biology/Physics. Garrett moved to Los Angeles, California to further pursue his career in medicine. He later parted from that path to pursue a acting/modeling career. Biron has appeared in more than 21 different national advertising campaigns and tv commericals throughout the world. He was named an Olympic brand Ambassador for a hair care company and was featured in numerous Olympic advertising campaigns. After years in the entertainment field, Biron began his entrepreneur path and opened up a night-club, real estate company, record store and the first minority owned Sag Franchised Talent Agency in Beverly Hills, California. Garrett’s agency found and represented many actors that are currently still active in the Film and Tv industry. Biron has continued to pursue excellence in whatever endeavors he pursues. Currently, he is the founder of Trucking Logistics Company and a Construction Company based in Houston, Texas. Garrett’s knowledge in design and construction has allowed him to successfully purchase and refurbish numerous real estate projects throughout the world. Biron has high ambitions for his new Brand- L’Biron.